Filming at the Studio for Intuit

This was a fun day of filming for Intuit’s “Own It” series on Facebook. So far there are nine short videos, each about a minute or two of me working in my studio.


The way objects relate to one another is fascinating to me. For instance, these mug handles have a “conversation” between them in negative and positive space “language”. I see possibilities for new forms. Time to get in the studio!

Groovy Mugs

I tease my father for being a pack rat, but last week I got my comeuppance when, after cleaning out some of his basement, he presented me with these vintage mugs which I made in my first pottery class at age 8. I fondly remember the smell of the studio, which resembled a fraternity house basement, as my teacher, Mrs. Schneider, put beer in the clay to make it more workable. It was the 1970’s. Even if you can’t smell the studio, you can feel the groovy vibe of these pots.

Groovy Mugs

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